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Looking for a cost-effective way to give your building a facelift? An energy-efficiency upgrade with solar control window films not only improves a building’s energy performance, it can also dramatically enhance its appearance.

From renovating the appearance of demetallized panes and hiding unsightly blinds or curtains, to updating the look of 1970s gold glass, window film can transform a building’s façade at a fraction of what it would cost to replace the glazing system.

And as solar window films drastically upgrade your building’s exterior, they also help to maintain the beauty and comfort of its interior. While large expanses of glass create interiors with lots of natural light, direct UV radiation and heat exposure can significantly shorten the life of furniture, works of art, curtains, and carpets. The resultant unsightly fading gives rooms a shabby and neglected feeling – not to mention that UV rays, uninhibited by regular window glazing, pose a health risk to building occupants and lower their general level of well-being and comfort.

Solar control window films block up to 99% of UV rays and reduce ambient heat while retaining natural light and views. By doing so, they can help limit damage from fading, protect occupants’ skin and eyes from the dangerous effects of the sun and create a more pleasant and comfortable indoor ecology. Many manufacturers offer a range of highly energy efficient Dual Reflective films, which cut glare by up to 92% but maintain a neutral, less reflective interior to preserve the view outside.

And with less heat penetrating through windows on sunny aspects, there are fewer hotspots and more even room temperatures. This frees up window-side space for full functionality, especially important in commercial, retail and educational settings.

So whether your goal is to enhance your building’s aesthetic appearance, or to increase guest comfort and satisfaction, solar windows give you both – all the while improving your energy efficiency and significantly lowering your maintenance costs.

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